What to Pack for Travelling

What to Pack for Travelling

I’ve done a fair bit of travelling to India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia and have managed to cut down exactly what I need to pack as the basics for my travels. Anything else I need then I buy there.

Travel Documents

  1. Passport, or you’re going nowhere!
  2. Flight tickets.
  3. Travel Insurance paperwork.
  4. Your driving licence if needed. Worth keeping copies of all these on your email account.


  1. Foreign currency, some small denomination included for Taxi’s etc.
  2. Credit Card, always handy as a back-up and to book flights.
  3. Debit Card, worth seeing if you have to notify your bank about where you’re travelling to.
  4. Pre-paid card, I’ve never used one of these but can avoid some charges from using the above. Worth keeping details of phone numbers for reporting Lost/Stolen cards.


  1. Hoodie or jumper for on the plane.
  2. T-shirts, normally I take 5 maximum.
  3. Shorts, just 1 pair.
  4. Light-weight Trousers, normally wear jeans for flight.
  5. Socks, couple of pairs, mainly wear flip flops anyway.
  6. Pants.
  7. Flip Flops, wear trainers for flight.


    1. Camera, I’ve now got a DSLR so it takes up a bit more room but a decent compact like this waterproof one will do, don’t forget the charger!

    1. Phone, I normally take an old phone that can play music and I don’t mind losing (have lost a few) and charger!
    2. Bluetooth Speaker, I’ve found these produces great sound and can be charged with phone charger.

    1. Headphones, some nice lightweight in ear ones like these, some airlines have their own stupid plugs you can’t use though.

    1. Travel adaptor, this one has been so handy in India, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.


  1. Sunglasses, I wouldn’t trust the UV protection from any you buy whilst away unless in Duty Free.
  2. Contact Lenses, I’m short sighted so take enough to wear every other day.
  3. Torch, LED head torches are small and last ages
  4. Sun cream, very expensive if you buy abroad, the travel versions at supermarkets are rip-offs though so decant some.
  5. Book, you can’t beat a good book, hard to find whilst abroad, here’s my Top 10 Travel Writer Books
  6. Deodorant, a compressed can is good for freshening up at airport stopovers.
  7. Toothpaste and brush.
  8. Insect repellent, check out the area you’ll be going Here You might also need a Mosquito net if it’s bad area.
  9. Money Belt, there’s many different kinds available, good to keep a small stash of money hidden somewhere else as back-up as well.

If there’s anything else you think I’ve missed off then please let me know in the comments, thanks.


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